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Security in the Western Hemisphere

Luis Almagro
Peter Schechter
R. Evan Ellis
Juan S. Gonzalez
Leonardo Coutinho
Mary Speck
David E. Spencer
Douglas Farah and Kathryn Babineau
Ivan Briscoe and David Keseberg
Celina B. Realuyo

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National Defense University

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Defending Democracy and Human Rights in the Western Hemisphere
By Luis Almagro

One glimpse at the covers of the main news and political magazines in recent years is often enough to discern a common theme. These publications often display fatalist titles such as “Democracy in Demise,” “Democracy in Crisis,” “Democracy in Peril,” or maybe the alternative favorite, “Authoritarianism on the Rise.” First the 2008 financial crisis, then the results of certain elections worldwide led many to question the future of liberal democracy. In Latin America, an additional series of events such as the “Operacão Lava Jato” (Operation Car Wash) corruption scandal that put many high-level elected and public officials in jail, paved the way for fed-up citizens to rebel against their governments in the streets and in the polls, ousting traditional parties and political elites from power