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COVID-19 Best practices for financial intelligence units

Título completo: COVID-19 Best practices for financial intelligence units 

Fecha de publicación: Marzo de 2021

Institución participante: Egmont Group, ECOFEL

Fragmento original: Public Summary

The Egmont Group (EG) is a global organization of Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs). The Egmont Group Secretariat (EGS) is based in Canada and provides strategic, administrative, and other support to the overall activities of the Egmont Group, the Egmont Committee, the Working Groups as well as the Regional Groups.

The Egmont Centre of FIU Excellence and Leadership (ECOFEL), active since April2018, is an operational arm of the EG and is fully integrated into the EGS in Canada. ECOFEL is mandated to develop and deliver capacity building and technical assistance projects and programs related to the development and enhancement of FIU capabilities, excellence and leadership.