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Trends in international law for cyberspace

Título completo: Trends in international law for cyberspace

Fecha de publicación: Mayo 2019

Institución participante: CCDCOE

Fragmento original: About this paper
This paper is a collaborative view of the NATO CCDCOE Law Branch experts, demarcating the latest trends in international law and envisioning their evolution over the next few years. It is an independent product of the CCDCOE and does not represent the official policy or position of NATO or any of its Sponsoring Nations.

We do not assert this to be a complete catalogue of trends, neither is the list presented in any particular order. Also, while we have made every effort to describe globally relevant legal developments, we acknowledge that the list stems from a Euro-Atlantic geopolitical perspective, and that the division between political developments and trends in law is not always clear-cut.