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Russia's Hostile Measures

Título completo: Russia's Hostile Measures: Combating Russian Gray Zone Aggression Against NATO in the Contact, Blunt, and Surge Layers of Competition 

Fecha de publicación: enero, 2020

Institución participante: RAND

Fragmento original:  Preface

Russia challenges the security and stability of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and many of its member states. Russia’s conventional capabilities pose a serious threat, and it has historically succeeded to one extent or another in sowing disorder, weakening democratic institutions, and undermining NATO cohesion. However, it also has a long track record of strategic shortfalls and even some ineptitude. NATO will benefit from exploring opportunities to deter, prevent, and counter Russian hostile behavior in the so-called gray zone short of war, where daily adversarial competition occurs, as the behavior that Russia exhibits in the gray zone will no doubt extend to high-order war.