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pdf Desafíos para la seguridad y la defensa en el continente americano 2020-2030 Popular

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Desafíos para la seguridad y la defensa en el continente americano 2020-2030

Título completo: Desafíos para la seguridad y la defensa en el continente americano 2020-2030

Fecha de publicación: diciembre de 2020

Institución participante: AthenaLab

Fragmento original: Prefacio

A lo largo de mi carrera en la Armada de Estados Unidos, una de las posiciones más interesantes que me tocó ejercer fue la de jefe del Comando Sur, que se encarga de todas las operaciones militares en Centroamérica, el Caribe y Sudamérica. Gracias a ella pude conocer gran parte de un continente bendecido por una extraordinaria riqueza de recursos naturales, así como por paisajes sorprendentes y personas que representan diversas culturas al mismo tiempo.

Se trata de una región, además, donde la guerra entre Estados parece altamente improbable. Pero ese entorno regional, en apariencia pacífico, no nos puede llevar a engaño. Son muchos los desafíos que enfrenta nuestro hemisferio en materia de seguridad; la mayoría compartidos, dado nuestros fuertes vínculos históricos, geográficos, políticos, económicos y demográficos. En esta casa común llamada América, cada día somos más dependientes los unos de los otros.

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Foreign Fighters in Ukraine

Título completo: Foreign Fighters in Ukraine

Fecha de publicación: 2016

Fragmento original: Preface

As Deputy Chief of Staff of the HDF and Chair of the HDF General Staff Scientifi c Research Centre, I proudly present the latest special issue of our scientifi c journal, Defence Review, which is a young sprout of Honvédségi Szemle, and still is a very vivid professional English language forum on military and security policy topics. In this special issue we are presenting not only the studies of our military servicemen but also papers from research fellows and colleagues.

As the global crises reach the European continent, NATO and the European Union are called to prepare and present an appropriate response to these challenges. In the fi rst section, our authors examine contemporary migration in a legal context, as István Harkai helps clarify all the terminology in the Hungarian and European legal systems in connection with the migration crisis. Radicalism is what inspired György Nógrádi and Álmos Péter Kiss to analyse the Balkans changes, and its effects on Austria. Bianka Speidl and Abdessamad Belhaj open a very interesting question examining the Shíi and Sunni clashes in Western Europe. As there is a serious confl ict in our Eastern neighbourhood, Endre Szénási is summarizing the foreign fi ghters' role in the Russian-Ukrainian crisis

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Joint Force Quarterly - Vol. 94

Título completo: Joint Force Quarterly. Vol. 94

Fecha de publicación: 3er trimestre de 2019 

Institución participante: JFQ

Fragmento original: Executive Summary

This June, the world observed the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings, which marked the beginning of the end of Nazi control in Europe. In what was probably the last time veterans of that combined campaign could meet in company strength, victorious and liberated nations alike honored their service and sacrifice. We all were reminded of the terrible costs of war as well as our collective responsibility to remember such experiences in hopes they will not be repeated.

The awesome power of those young warriors, many of them civilians fresh out of school just months before, shows how well-trained and well-led troops, draftees, and long-serving veterans can achieve strategic ends. A friend sent me a link to a CBS Reports video from 1964 that featured Walter Cronkite interviewing President Dwight D. Eisenhower in England, and later Normandy, about the operation.